Dinesh Bafna: Taking on the Competition with Integrity

Dinesh Bafna: Taking on the Competition with Integrity

dinesh bafna profilesDinesh Bafna, a renowned businessman and a man with utmost professionalism has achieved success with his hard work and commitment. He aims at keeping his customers satisfied and is willing to walk a mile to fulfill their expectations. This is the kind of reputation Dinesh Bafna has built in 27 years of being in the industry of fine surface materials.

Talking about his long stint, Dinesh Bafna from Cleveland is the owner and President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc.
Being one of the largest suppliers of fine surface materials in the Midwest, Dinesh Bafna associated with Susie Frazier to bring out a new lifestyle product that people would love and relate to. The intent is to inspire consumers to awaken their individuality within the walls where they spend most of their day. This is one of the recent details from Bafna’s business. Bafna is also eager to serve the community, and he has associated himself with quite a few non-governmental organizations.

As far as the personal details of Bafna are concerned, he has been a graduate of Bowling Green State University. He went on to marry Sangita Bafna and has two sons, namely Kunaal and Kurren.

The profiles of Dinesh Bafna recognize him for his skill and talent. Not only is he devoted to customer satisfaction, but he is also a great mentor for his staff. He is a strong believer in integrity. Having operated in the wholesale business for many years, he has never let his morals falter. He operates the internal systems, processes and procedures with care and works towards his business goal with a clear vision.

In addition, Bafna is a great communicator who knows how to maintain relations with clients and increase growth prospects for his business. Moreover, he is always improving his skills which helps him make sure that the defined tasks don’t come to a halt because of anything. He regularly participates in workshops and training so as to assist his staff in order to achieve effective results.

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